My Vampire Weekend review (as promised)...

It was awesome. Most fun I've had at a show in a while. There was no crowd - maybe 30-40 people, tops. (Which is one of the things I love about Austin - everyone's so busy keeping austin wierd and supporting local, that touring gems like this get overlooked by the masses. ) Every person in the room was "feelin' it". Even the emo's dreadlock white guy next to me at the bar, who was skeptacle or their oy oy oy ska-ish shouts at first, gave in and leaned over "your're right they're really good." Girls up front were doing this strange chasing each other in a circle / mosh pit type of thing. (Maybe this is a new ritual among the young ones that I just don't know about? ) The singer has got the uniform down perfectly - barefoot, messy hair, lacoste type shirt -capturing the "yuppie new england 80's weekend college party" to a T.
They sounded great. They make you smile. They make you feel like you're on vacation. They make you want to move. They make me wish I was going to be in brooklyn in September for the West Indian Day Parade. (second favorite event in NYC).
They make me want to dance like I did with the old man chef I worked with in brooklyn who was from the dominican republic.
It's not a sound that has been idie-ized yet. Right? It's fun and catchy and carefree and smart. There's nothing to "get". It's not overly ironic. And no one is whining.
New favorite new band.

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  1. vampire weekend is my favorite new band as well.

    i just saw them saturday night at the 'music hall of williamsburg' that used to be north 6. it has to have been their best show. just back from their national tour, well rehearsed, a few new songs, and a sold-out show to their home town... only downside was that sold-out crowd actually. it had a lot of people in it who seemed like the worst sort of frat boys who got lost and wondered into a club to shout their drunken conversations and act thuggish. but more likely i'm thinking they were the people the guys in the band had gone to school with since youth and hated their whole lives, but who now glommed onto them as if they were their best friends.

    luckily the band was good enough to completely overcome the audiences shortcomings.