Liz Bien: Would you excuse me for a minute? I'm going into the bathroom to take an overdose of sleeping pills.
Michael James: I like you. You're a nice stable girl.

I went to see What's New Pussycat at the Paramount last night. It was my first time there, and I was blown away. It's so crazy that this is what is inside a building I pass by everyday. When I was in Los Angeles, I worked a few commercial shoots in the Tower, the Los Angeles Theater, and the Orpheum. Don't be fooled. Those photos are designed for location scouts. The theaters, at least when I was working there, were fairly well taken care of on the inside, but the exteriors were fenced in and tagged and had "undesirables" squatting around. The architecture on Broadway in Los Angeles is truly beautiful. It's probably close to a mile of incredible 1920-30's buildings. It's surprising that of all places, Los Angeles doesn't have the initiative to use these classic theaters as a way to restore downtown. The city has some great conservation societies, but I guess the theaters make a lot more renting out the theaters to film crews than ticket sales would be.
Broadway, the Downtown Library,
the Theme Building and the grassy knoll across from the airport (well, and this place) were where I felt most at home during my time in l.a. And looking at photos is making me very excited (!) about my upcoming trip.

What's New Pussycat (and, my apologies if you have the song in your head for the rest of the day) was one of those movies that while watching, I only laughed out loud a few times. But when I did it was really hard, and today I can't get it out of my head.
It seems sorta backwards, but I feel like the older I get the more I like really silly slapsticky humor. And it had plenty of that. It also had the Manfred Mann version of "little red book" and a cameo by Francoise Hardy (who is so insanely beautiful - I think even more so than the half dozen other sex-pots in the movie). Plus, it had a fantastic animated opening by Richard Williams. Which only adds weight to my speculation that if it opens with animation, it's gonna be good.

Here's what I can think of off the top of my head...


  1. 1-Such a great Ed Hopper
    2-My time in Los Angelas has been limited to a one night stay in a Holiday Inn by the airport back 2002. I ventured out for a walk, hoping to get a sense of the city. Within five minutes I was propositioned by several ladies of the evening so I hightailed it back to the motel. The point is, I'm embarrassed of how little I know about America's second largest city.
    3-What trip? You never told me about any trip.
    4-I like old Tom Jones.
    5-How do you feel about Anna Karina?
    6-Am I leaving too many comments? Where does prolific commenting end and unwholesome internet stalking begin?

  2. 5. Ummm, a french actress of danish origin??? Hmmm, let me think. YES! Only movie I've ever seen her in is Cleo from 5 to 7 and it's been a while. I like her as a blonde. Did you see The Gleaners and I?

    3. I'm going to visit Mac for a long weekend. Sunset Junction. (google it)

    1. Yeah, he's great.One of my favorites.

    2.No comment. I'm disappointed that you didn't take the ladies up on their offer of showing you the town.

    4. I don't.

    6. Never. As long as it remains prolific, your all good. And stalking is something I actually know a little something about.

  3. 3-This is what Wikipedia says: Its recent history also marks the areas center as a "low-key" gay community in sharp contrast to the more "poppy" gay area in West Hollywood. This may have at first created some tensions between the inhabitants of the district but by now has become generally accepted.

    2-And I'm disappointed I misspelled Los Angeles in my original post

    5-Watch some old Godard films. (Alphaville, Pierrot le Fou, Band of Outsiders...)

    1-When/if you're in NYC next we'll go to the Whitney and look at his stuff on permanent exhibition.

    6-OK then.

    4-Yeah, but you like twee pop. Who's committed the greater aesthetic crime?

    5a-I've only seen parts of Gleaners on IFC.

  4. Oh yeah! I've seen Band of Outsiders. And I saw #50 on this list (
    there. Who, BTW, was extremely sexy. As are: Tim Burton, Chevy Chase, Mike D and Ron Howard.