I've been wanting a cat so badly. I didn't even realize it 'till tonight. I pulled over because the most precioud liitle being was crossing the street by my house, and I pulled over and enticed him to me. I snatched him up and put him in my car and brought him home. He Mahhhrowwwwledd the whole way home (two blocks). I put out some salmon, but he's long gone.
Guess it's some sort of weird lesson. Like, the universe saying, "Jessica, if you want a cat, go get one. Go get the one of your dreams. Not just some cat on the side of the road that you think needs rescuing." I should go select the one I really want. An orange one. or a tabby. Not some dregs of society type.


  1. I dunno. I think a cat has to pick you. My beautiful litlle cat, Gus, was a stray. I wasn't even looking for a cat when I found him/he found me.

  2. Oh and I'm diggin' all these pics. Keep it up.