Weeping paint x

I decided to "lighten things up a bit" for my two (I mean three) blog readers. More Martha Stewart less Black Sabbath.

This is a paint x number that my mom did in college. My grandmother (mimi) had it hanging in her guest room when my brother and I were growing up and we were terrified of it. When she went into a nursing home, my brother confiscated it and gave it to me as a Christmas present. It's sort of depressing, but also one of my prized possessions. Supposedly there is a brunette that her dorm mate did (but never finished) I would love to find it on ebay or something. What do you think the brunette's doing...Probably laughing her ass off or something.

I adore these two contemporary artists. I think a piece from either of them would complement "crying girl" nicely.

Jonathan Weiner - (who I can't find an image to hotlink)
Kris Lewis

Next time I have 500 bucks burnin' a hole.

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  1. It's super-creepy. I love it. Sorry I can't think of anything more pithy to say right now. All great aret demands time and thought.